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Revamp Consulting Ltd is a locally-grown Kenyan boutique firm that offers a diverse range of services in strategy and operations, research and analytics, business diagnostics, and process improvements.

Established in 2015, we have been operating in Kenya and the East Africa region. Our team comprises skilled consultants with extensive expertise in strategy formulation and execution. We work with both growth-stage organizations and mature companies seeking strategic renewal.

Our approach is based on simplicity, ensuring understanding and congruence in our proposed solutions. We believe in collaborative development of resolutions, offering a handholding approach rather than providing prescriptive one-off encounters.

As value drafters, we strive to deeply comprehend the sources and levers of enterprise value to arrive at our solutions.

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What We Do
Strategy and Operations
We provide support in visioning, strategy formulation, utilizing key drivers and aligning with economic trends and industry factors. Moreover, we offer handholding support to organizations during the implementation of strategies, employing tools and process improvements to achieve strategic goals. Additionally, we provide guidance on the effective use of these tools to foster growth and enhance performance.
Business Diagnostics
Derived from our strategic approach, we collaborate with organizations seeking a comprehensive analysis of their internal and external aspects. This entails the development of relevant metrics, enabling decision-making based on industry trends and past performance. We map performance against operating contexts and provide guidance on restructuring for achieving optimal performance.
Research and Analytics
At Revamp, we firmly believe in the value of data and evidence. As such, we collaborate with organizations to conduct customized research, enabling informed decisions based on facts, data, and intelligence. Our services encompass a wide range of offerings, including market research, feasibility studies, market evaluations, brand auditing, salary surveys, customer surveys, staff engagement surveys, and other specialized research solutions.
Investment Advisory
We support businesses that wish to make informed and evidence-based investment decisions. We advise businesses that want to attract investors and investors who wish to invest in businesses. We conduct due diligence and matchmaking for both buying and selling sides. We help businesses negotiate and make the right decisions on investment structures and manage them and keeping investment theses for value maximization.
International Business
We collaborate with international businesses interested in establishing a presence in the region. Additionally, we offer industry analysis products to foreign businesses seeking to invest in Kenya, and we facilitate matchmaking with local partners to provide them with local knowledge and risk management in new geographies. Furthermore, we conduct landscape studies to inform the investment climate.
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